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Template Services

Design Template are like coordinated packages. You get a set of colors, fonts, graphics and preset backgrounds that work well together.

Although you can use the templates that come with your software, if you want a unique design, that further re-enforces your corporate identify, Aspirati can help you with that. Aspirati builds powerpoint "master slides" that enable you to create eye catching presentations that work for you. We not only design "master slides", we can also tweak or reformat your presentations with the new look. If needed we can go as far as building unique diagrams for your presentations, so you don't have to be hassled by the look and feel, and can concentrate solely on the content.


  • Custom Powerpoint "Master Slides" design
  • Custom Diagram building
  • Custom clip art type images
  • Reformating of Powerpoint presentation
  • Delivery of banner to site


A way to keep cost down is to use pre-built web templates. Aspirati has a variety of options available to you. Contact us to find out more about this option.

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