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Aspirati has recently moved its design services to Miami, Flordia. Having worked with startup companies in Silicon Valley (California), Aspirati has had extensive experience supporting companies in establishing engaging visual brands.  Aspirati, is flexible in adapting to the various phases an organizations goes through and has dedicated its skills to meeting client's goals and building attractive, audience-appropriate graphic design products. Aspirati prides itself in enabling organizations to showcase themselves in the best light.


Shannon is the founder of Aspirati. She is an expert at making the mundane, attractive under a tight budget. She migrated into the world of design from fine arts three years ago when her husband asked her to build a website and create collateral to go raise money for a startup he headed.  Shannon agreed with the hope that her skills would encourage clients to stay awake when reading corporate briefs. Her website and collateral helped the company raise close to $1 million in funding and establish a strong sales pipeline.

Shannon is a highly accomplished professional designer and artist.  She was classically trained in Art with a Masters in FIne Arts and a Ph. D. in FIne Arts from Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music.  Her ability to combine her fine arts background with extensive experience in all facets of design life cycle, enables her to consistently design, develop, and deploy successful web and print strategies and solutions. 

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